October Update


I know... I know... I know... I've been gone for a while. It's not that I didn't want to, but there was just sooo much going on this last month.


Dobandee's Found a New Home

I finally moved all my websites, including Dobandee, from 1&1 to Hover. It was a scarry move, but I knew it had to be done sooner than later. With it I also had to find a new mail-host, so I looked around and ended up with Office365. Once I was done with everything and thought we are all set for some actual product development, Heroku crapped out on me and got me so annoyed, that I actually decided to also move my web-apps to somewhere else. So after some more late nights, everything is now running on my managed server, hosted by Linode. And I can't tell you how happy I am, that it's all done! I know for some of you that's just geek talk, but bottom line is... Even though nothing really looks like it changed in the last couple weeks, a lot of groundwork was done in the...

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What does Word-of-Crowd mean?


Word of Mouth Marketing | WoMM

You probably know what 'Word-of-Mouth' recommendation and marketing (WoMM) is. It basically means that someone you know tells you about something he likes or dislikes. If you trust that person, you are very likely follow through and act on the given recommendation. 'Word-of-Mouth' recommendations are highly effective and probably my primary source to find out about new apps, books and other things.

92% of people say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations by their friends and families above all other types of advertising.
Source: Nielsen Report

'Word-of-Mouth' marketing is a central part of all the popular social networks today, so popular, they even got their own variation, called 'Electronic Word of Mouth Marketing' (eWoMM). But let's not go into that topic today and return back to the original question.


Since Instagram's Hyperlapse app just released, I thought it would be fun to throw...

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Welcome to Dobandee's PreLaunch!


Today marks the day where Dobandee went live. I am truly excited about it and hope people will come in and join the community. Goal for this PreLaunch is to build an audience. I'll share more information about the timeline, the product/service, the vision and other news as we go here, but I really don't want to take too much of your time here with my first post. Instead I hope you've already signed up and tried out to bring other people to the site.

By the way -- together with the website itself, I also put the corresponding social pages online, so feel free to check them out as well... follow dobandee, like dobandee, be part of dobandee!



There's also a Dobandee-Newsletter that comes along with the website, this blog and everything else.

Last, but not least: Please let me know what you think of Dobandee, about...

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